When people described about baby my first impression would look like PEMUDA UMNO LUDAH MAHASISWA’S FACE…  i dont have any issue with my youngest brother age 2 years old.. coz when his babyhood he dont burst much chaos.. chaos in term of crying like hell, pukes, crying again and poops.. thats one of the reason i loved him soo much.. but this time my sympathetic sense cannot longer withstand  the mega-what-the-heaven-crying-marathon (MWTHCM).. this is from my very first nephew. He lived in our house and i think his 3month old now.. First week i can stand and manage to treat him a milk when he start that MWTHCM but this happened everyday!! i cannot sleep very well and stressed-as-hell (SAH).. can u imagined when he start crying there is no increasing volume, i meant not from slow to high pitch but instantly and amazingly start with ”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” he cried like suffered from something but when feed him with bottled milk he immediately calm and rest.. Im not a good uncle at all you know.. But from day to day till this morning i took the responsibility in treat him during the midnight and early morning and learned to make a bby’s MWTHCM milk . Just 5-simple steps.. 1, clean that tiny bottle. 2, put about 3 teaspoon of baby milk powder. 3, put a water on it until 2/3.. 4, shake it like shakira (enjoyed it so much) then 5, feed him!!.. Arghh, felt sleepy right now. just wanna take a nap.. peace ya!


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