The Chaos of Killer Lecture..


Hello pal!! WELCOME to my first ever blog. Me myself was a law student in UiTM.. I never get an A’s in my degree coz there was a serial killers in my campus. They pretend to be a good person during the day but as the sun fall and the moon rising..they become a wolverine!! i do have a solid proof, LOOK AT MY TEST PAPER!!

Anyway, as the one and the only ONE who knew about this, I take a chance to understand them (that wolverine) well by having research in my non-biodegradable law library.. Thus and thus, I would like to share with you what I’ve got.. Prepare for Damnation!!!

p/s: this article is just a fictitious and never-ever related to my beloved lecturers… no hard feeling.. 

2 responses to “The Chaos of Killer Lecture..”

  1. usher says :

    woo..has progresive

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